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Growing Personal Skills

Life Skills Classes every Tuesday at 10:00am or 2:00pm or Wednesday at 1:00pm

Volcano Hiker

Overcoming Obstacles

Identify the obstacles in your life and learn the steps necessary to overcome them. Work to leverage your resources to help with the obstacles.

Building Rapport

Learn the skills necessary to assist you with building rapport with others. Learn networking and relationship skills.

Problem Solving

Discover the keys to successful problem solving. Learn and discuss strategies to help with overcoming future problems that may be encountered.

Staying Motivated 

Learn to understand your current situation. Work to discover your greater purpose in life. Learn to build friendships that motivate us.

Self Compassion

Discuss keys to helping care for your well being.
Learn tips to combat loneliness, and care for your inner-self?


Become equipped with the tools for self-care. Embrace techniques for managing your stress load. Create a self-care action plan.

Self Advocacy

Know who you are and what is available to you. Appropriately communicate your needs and rights. Take ownership of your life.


Learn how to communicate your needs.
Discuss the tips that effective communicators use and how they can help you.

Coping with Change

Positively respond to change. Recognize when change needs to happen. Learn how to confront change in our life.

Financial Literacy

Identify past financial struggles. Understand your current situation on TANF. Train for future success.

Self Esteem

Learn valuable insights on developing high self esteem. Discuss the obstacles in your life that tear down your self esteem.


Learn valuable tools that help you deal with stress. Discuss the stressors in your life and understand ways to minimize them.




Explore Your Goals

Participants will work through their physical,
emotional, spiritual, social, and professional goals. Emphasis will be to learn how to set goals successfully and work on creating a plan that will help guide their path forward.

Develop Your "Why"

Participants will take the goals that they developed the previous week and use them to create "why" statements. Working to understand the why of their goals will help create strong statements and strong convictions to take action towards completing their goals.





Build Successful Habits

Participants will learn prioritization skills that will allow them to focus on their goals and build positive habits enabling them to reach their goals.

Time to Take Action

Participants will begin the process of looking at what their next steps will be. At the end of this class, they will be presented with a list of resources and potential next steps for them as they prepare to move on from GPS.

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