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Career Jump


A Career Jump is a valuable, no risk model for skill development training that assists employers in connecting with job seekers to fill open positions within their company. 

How does it work?

  • Career Path Services provides your company with a list of potential applicants who match your employment needs

  • Your company interviews the candidates and makes the final hiring decision

  • Career Path Services acts as employer on record and pays 100 percent of the employees wage (minimum wage) for up to 433 hours (approximately 10 weeks at full-time) and all payroll taxes

  • Employer is granted a 30-day employee trial evaluation during which they may determine fit

What are some requirements?

  • The position must be regular and permanent (not temporary or seasonal)

  • The position must pay minimum wage or more

  • Employee must transition at 32+ hours per week (some exceptions can be made but require prior approval)

  • The employer agrees to retain the employee after successful completion of training period (assuming employee meets all employer requirements)

What documents are needed?

  • Proof of business license

  • Signed training agreement 

How do job seekers qualify?

An individual must be participating in the WorkFirst Community Jobs program to qualify. If interested, please see your DSHS Case Manager for a referral evaluation.

How do employers get started?

Contact Nick Hughes at 

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