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Please note, you must be able to attend in-person learning sessions in Pierce County, WA.

Have you been convicted of any of the following? 

  • Any felony charge

  • Theft

  • Fraud, or 

  • Violent Crime

If yes, at this time we are unable to enroll you in the BankWork$ program. If you have additional questions, please contact us via email.

BankWork$ Application
Do you currently have a high school diploma or GED?
Are you currently in school or planning to be within the next year?
Are you comfortable working with computers?
Do you have 6 months of cash-handling experience?
Are you currently employed?
Are you working with a case manager or employment program?
Can you attend classes three (3) days a week for eight (8) weeks?
Are you able to travel to the Lakewood/Tacoma area and arrive by 8:30 am?
Do you have reliable access to the internet? Please check all that apply.
Do you have any justice or conviction history that we should be aware of, such as misdemeanors?
Do you receive food benefits?
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